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Taking into account mechanization and environmental concerns, 4 hectares with a greater than 50% slope are planted in terraces, thus naturally adopting the curves of our hills located at the feet of the Vosges.

The soil maintenance is done by weeding the land between the vine rows, thanks to varied cereal or grass seedbeds chosen according to the soil. This procedure enables us to have almost a perfect mastery of the vigour of the vine.

Sylvaner                 A dry White dry and fine
Auxerrois                A dry white wine with a subtle bouquet 
Edelzwicker            A blend of several white varieties
Pinot Blanc             A dry white wine, suited for a whole meal
Riesling                  A dry white wine, delicious with sea food
Pinot Gris (Tokay)   A noble white wine, flavoured (wine kept for maturing)
Muscat                    A must-have wine for a successful aperitif
Pinot Noir               The only "rosé or the red" from Alsace
Gewurztraminer     "Before", after the meal, well-flavoured
Crémant                  Its million bubbles will enchant your palate
Wines of the Domain